Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a boating beginner, being equipped with the right engine for your vessel is essential for a smooth sea journey. Brush up on the “Top 10 Boat Engine Brands of 2021″ to ensure that your boating adventures are powered by the best of the best. From fuel efficiency to horsepower performance, this article rounds up the cream of the crop when it comes to boat engines of the past year. Expand your horizon of boating knowledge and let this be your compass towards selecting the right engine for your ship.

Mercury Marine

Overview of the Company

Mercury Marine is a specialist within the boating industry, with a name that resonates far beyond its Wisconsin roots. With more than 75 years in the game, they are renowned for their robust and efficient boat engines. Their years of experience culminate in the creation of high-quality marine propulsion systems that are coveted across the globe.

Key Features of Boat Engines

Mercury Marine boat engines are synonymous with performance, durability, and innovation. These engines are packed with cutting-edge technology that makes for smooth and powerful rides. Sailors appreciate the brand’s outboards for their light weight, compact design, and unrivaled fuel efficiency which allows for longer and more responsive trips.

Top Models of 2021

Among the top Mercury Marine models of 2021, the Verado 600 and 400R are highly commended. The Verado 600 is recognized for its remarkable acceleration, while the 400R, with its race-derived engine, stands out with its top speed and powerful performance.

Customer Reviews

In terms of customer reviews, Mercury Marine is frequently praised for the longevity and reliability of their engines. Users also appreciate the fuel-efficiency and the brand’s commitment to innovation, which regularly results in exciting new features and models.

Yamaha Marine

Company Background

Originating in Japan, Yamaha Marine has made waves worldwide in the marine industry. They’re well-known for their wide variety of engines, ranging from personal watercraft engines to outboard motors. Yamaha Marine combines the Japanese commitment to quality and precision with their spirit of innovation, resulting in top-notch, trustworthy engines.

Main Characteristics of Engines

Yamaha engines are celebrated for their reliability, smooth operation, and high performance. They are also prized for their fuel efficiency and the reduced sound levels, which make every trip a peaceful journey. The engines incorporate multi-point fuel injection for an ideal fuel to air ratio, ensuring smooth and efficient cruising.

Highlighted Models for 2021

In 2021, the Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore® and the F25 models have been particularly praised. The V8 XTO Offshore® hits impressive speeds and works perfectly for offshore boating, while the Yamaha F25 is a smaller, lightweight engine perfect for smaller crafts, offering excellent performance and efficiency.

Feedback from Users

Yamaha customers commonly note the durability and dependability of their engines. The lesser maintenance needs, coupled with excellent customer service, plays a significant role in keeping Yamaha users happy.

Top 10 Boat Engine Brands Of 2021

Honda Marine

Introduction to the Brand

Honda Marine, part of the worldwide famous Honda Motor Co., Ltd., is another Japanese entry in the boating world. While Honda is a household name for automobiles and motorcycles, they also shine in the marine industry, offering a range of high-quality outboard engines.

Principal Service Offerings

Honda Marine offers reliable and fuel-efficient four-stroke outboard engines. They leverage Honda’s vehicle engine technology to provide powerful performance in a marine setting. Their reputation for reliability is well-earned, with engines imbued with features that ensure long-lasting usage.

Leading Models for the Year

The Honda BF250 and the BF50 were two of the most impressive models in 2021. The BF250 is a muscular model perfect for larger vessels and demanding marine activities, while the BF50 is renowned for being easy to use, quiet, and extremely fuel-efficient, making it a popular choice among smaller boat owners.

Consumer Opinions

Honda Marine engines are praised for being long-lasting and for their almost whisper-like operation. The fuel efficiency and lower emissions are also frequently distinguished. Honda’s customer service is well-regarded, with prompt and friendly service often mentioned in consumer reviews.

Suzuki Marine

Overview of the Company

Another Japanese contender, Suzuki Marine, stands out for producing reliable engines geared towards boating enthusiasts. They specialize in producing technologically driven four-stroke engines designed with longevity and performance in mind.

Trademarks of their Boat Engines

Suzuki boat engines are known for their fuel efficiency and robust construction. Their innovative Lean Burn Control System has been appreciated for optimizing fuel consumption. They showcase a unique blend of performance and user-friendliness, that stands testament to the engineering prowess of Suzuki.

Best Models of 2021

The Suzuki DF350A and DF25A have turned heads in 2021. The DF350A is designed with unique, twin-propeller technology and delivers substantial torque and speed. On the other hand, the DF25A is compact and light with an impressive fuel economy, just right for smaller crafts.

Buyer’s Feedback

Often, feedback about Suzuki Marine indicates how users appreciate the resilience and longevity of the engines. Customers also highly rate the fuel efficiency and the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly operations.

Top 10 Boat Engine Brands Of 2021


Brief on the Brand

Evinrude, an American brand, is synonymous with pioneering spirit in the marine engine industry. Being credited with inventing the first commercially viable outboard engine, they have over a century of production and innovational experience.

Key Component Elements

Evinrude outboard engines are known for their power and fuel efficiency. Their engines work on direct fuel-injection systems and are designed to deliver high output even in challenging marine environments. The technology used in their engines also ensures fewer emissions, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Noteworthy Models of this Year

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 series was the highlight of 2021, especially the G2 150 and G2 300 models. Both are designed for power, efficiency, and low maintenance. The sleek design and eye-catching aesthetics of this series also garner much admiration.

Reviews from Customers

Customers often express their satisfaction with Evinrude’s powerful engines. The low maintenance, eco-friendliness, and the durability of their boat engines get rave reviews from the end users.

Tohatsu Outboards

Introduction to the Brand

Based in Japan, Tohatsu Outboards is a more recent entry into the global marine engine market. Renowned for their topline reliability, these engines cover a variety of use-cases, from small tenders and fishing boats to larger recreational crafts.

Main Features of the Engines

Tohatsu engines are designed for excellent performance, and users often praise their reliability and durability. The high efficiency and fuel economy of these engines, despite their lightweight design, make these motors a go-to choice for boating enthusiasts.

Top Models in 2021

The Tohatsu MFS20 and MFS50 are two models that stood out in 2021. The MFS20 is lightweight yet sturdily built and delivers excellent fuel efficiency, whereas MFS50 is known for top-notch performance with a compact design.

Customer Impressions

Tohatsu Outboards consistently receive positive feedback, particularly for their superior fuel efficiency and reliability. Users also appreciate the effortless installation and easy operation that come with these engines.

Top 10 Boat Engine Brands Of 2021

Volvo Penta

Background of the Company

Volvo Penta, a subsidiary of the globally known Swedish Volvo Group, holds a strong reputation in the recreational boating community. They secret in their ability to consistently produce reliable, high quality inboard and sterndrive engines.

Salient Features of Engines

Engines by Volvo Penta are celebrated for their exceptional performance, superb fuel efficiency and quiet operation. Technological innovation is a trademark of this brand, with their engines featuring advanced designs capable of reducing vibration and improving maneuverability.

Best of 2021 Models

2021 was a great year for Volvo Penta, with models such as the D13-IPS1350 and D4/D6 package receiving high marks. These engines are respected for their performance and fuel efficiency, along with clean emission levels, making them an eco-friendly choice in the boating industry.

User’s Review

Volvo Penta is widely commended for their low maintenance, high performance marine engines. Their products tend to last a long time with minimal issues, delivering consistent and reliable performance, a major plus point in customer reviews.

Johnson Outboards

Company Overview

Johnson Outboards, a former American motor company, won its fame for producing reliable outboard motors for the recreational boating industry. Though it has been several years since the company ceased production, its legacy continues with various boaters still relying on Johnson’s time-tested engines.

Characteristic Features of Boat Engines

Johnson’s boat engines are appreciated for their uncomplicated operation, durability and reliability. They are known to offer powerful and smooth performance, making every boat trip a seamless experience.

Top 2021 Model Highlights

Although Johnson Outboards no longer releases new models, refurbished 2021 models like the Johnson 3.5 HP and the Johnson 15 HP still gain significant attention. These models are proof of the enduring reliability and reputation of the brand’s boat engines.

Feedback from End Users

Feedback towards Johnson Outboards generally highlights the durability and uncomplicated functionality of their engines. Boaters also frequently note that the brand’s motors require minimal maintenance, contributing to a carefree boating experience.

Top 10 Boat Engine Brands Of 2021


Brief about the Brand

Sea-Doo, a brand owned by the Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products, has made its mark in the personal watercraft and boat sector. With a focus on creating fun and smiles on waters, Sea-Doo offers a unique experience to boating and watercraft enthusiasts.

Key Product Features

Sea-Doo’s engines are known for their maneuverability, user-friendly features, and performance. From their innovative fuel-injection systems to its water-cooled chillers, each component is designed to enhance the overall boating experience.

High Performing Models in 2021

2021 saw the popularity of models such as the Sea-Doo GTX Limited and RXP-X 300. These innovative and feature-packed models are lauded for their speed, power, and for being fun to ride.

Reviews from Customers

Customers often speak highly of the enjoyable and exciting experience that comes with Sea-Doo engines. The brand’s commitment to innovation and tight quality control is frequently praised in reviews.


Introduction to the Company

Caterpillar, a US corporation established over 95 years ago, may be famous for its construction machinery, but it has also succeeded in making a name for itself in the marine engine industry. Caterpillar’s marine division specializes in high-performance engines designed for commercial and leisure marine activities.

Peculiarities of their Engines

Caterpillar’s boat engines are notable for their top-notch power, durability, and efficiency. These engines are designed to willfully operate under challenging marine conditions and are packed with innovative technology that makes for a smooth and powerful boating experience.

Best Models for 2021

Two models that stood out in 2021 in terms of performance are Caterpillar’s C8.7 and C32 ACERT. These models are known for their exceptional power and efficiency. The C32 ACERT, in particular, is applauded for its ability to deliver high power output without compromising performance or reliability.

Customer Responses

While Caterpillar’s marine engines especially impress commercial users with their exceptional power and durability, they also score brownie points with recreational boaters. Customer feedback often emphasizes the engines’ robustness and reliability, key factors that have crafted Caterpillar’s reputation in the marine engine industry.

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